Elexoma Accessories

Rechargeable AAA batteries x 4


A pack of four rechargeable AAA batteries to power your Elexoma Medic. These batteries keep their charge for months. 1100 mA rating. 16 hour recharge time.

Treatment leads


Elexoma treatment leads for use with the Elexoma device and the pregelled electrodes. 

Pregelled Electrodes (Small Butterfly, 3x6 cm)


The small butterfly pregelled electrodes come in a pack of two pairs (= 4 in total).  They can be used in areas where skin folds pose a problem to proper electrode placement. One example is over a finger joint or on an eyelid.  These electrodes cover a small surface area and are thus suited to treat localised conditions.  Price includes VAT but excludes transport.

Pregelled Electrodes (Circular, 3 cm)


Small, circular pregelled electrodes for use on small exposed skin areas, like fingers or toes.  Also handy for treating tennis elbow.  Price includes VAT but excludes transport. 4 per pack (= 2 pairs).

Earclip Felts (10 per sheet)


Those little round white felts on the earclip electrodes.  We sell them in sheets of 10 (= 5 pairs).

Pregelled Electrodes (Square, 5x5 cm) (2 pairs)


Square pregelled electrodes, 5 x 5 cm, two pairs per pack (= 4 in total).  Price includes VAT, but excludes transport.

Pregelled Electrodes (Rectangular, 5x9 cm) (2 pairs)


Rectangular pregelled electordes, 5 x 9 cm, two pairs per pack (= 4 in total).  VAT inclusive, but transport excluded.

Earlobe electrodes


One set of earlobe electrodes with 1.2 m long treatment lead.  Contact points made from special SST314 stainless steel, hypo-allergenic.  Suitable for people who are allergic to nickel.  Robust clips that do not break easily.

BrainPod Technology Book


Dr Ray Smith.'s cutting-edge book "Brainpod Technology"!  This 64 page book is an easy-to-read in-depth summary of the history, science and uses of CES, written by one of the most renowned researchers in the field, globally.  If you want to know more about the technology, then this book is a great introduction.  However, you do NOT need this book to operate the Elexoma Medic.  It is merely for general information.

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