Looking for treatment protocols for specific conditions?  Here they are!


There are many types of headache and they respond somewhat differently to electrotherapy.  Here are some basic protocols.  Feel free to adapt them to your situation:



Sleeplessness is a big problem in our city-dwelling population.  Electrotherapy has been clinically shown to significantly relieve the symptoms of insomnia by helping people fall asleep faster, fall asleep again when waking in the middle of the night, sleeping longer and sleeping deeper.  The longer you have been struggling with insomnia, though, the LESS likely electrotherapy is to help you.  Also, if you are using tranquilizers / benzodiazepines on a regular basis, you will find that CES actually worsens your insomnia.  Even so, many people have successfully used the Elexoma to wean themselves off sleeping pills and are sleeping quite well now.  But it is not a magic wand.  Here are a few suggested treatment protocols to treat insomnia:

Treatment 1: CES (earlobe clips on the ears), Prog 1, 25 mins, ~300 to 550 uAmp,.once daily in the morning.

Treatment 2: MET (gel pads), Prog 3, 30 mins, ~500 uAmp, once daily in the evening BEFORE bedtime.  Use the pre-gelled electrodes with electrode placements as on p.26 of the manual.

Treatment 3:  MET (gel pads), Prog 1, 99 mins, 550 uAmp, once daily while sleeping.. Place the pregelled electrodes just behind the shoulder, on either side of the neck (only use ONE treatment lead, placement of the red and the black electrode NOT important).


Pain is by far the commonest complaint with which patients present to their healthcare professional.  The Elexoma Medic is highly effective in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

Acute pain

Chronic pain

Attention-Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder (ADHD)

Even though the existence of the "disorder" itself is still in dispute in some medical circles, this has not stopped an entire industry from developing around this "disorder".  The Elexoma Medic is able to rapidly increase concentration span and improves all aspects of memory (memorising, retention and recall).  It has been successfully used by dozens of school-going children to improve attention span and concentration, leading to drastically improved results.  It must be emphasised, however, that the Elexoma Medic is no replacement for hard work, it simply helps the hard work to pay off.  No technology on earth can provide motivation - that comes from within.

Drug withdrawal

The Elexoma Medic is often used by people who want to withdraw from drugs, whether of the prescription type or of the recreational type.  Drug withdrawal is a complex and potentially dangerous procedure and should not be undertaking without the support of a healthcare professional.


Parkinson's Disease

Clinical studies have shown little or no benefit for the use of CES in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease and its symptoms.  However, many anecdotes support the use of CES in the early stages of Parkinson's Disease.  It can alleviate tremors and help the facial muscles to remain functional for much longer.