We have a very simple philosophy in business: Make the customer happy.  And then, once we've succeeded in doing just that, our motto changes to: Keep the customer happy.  Our one year money back guarantee on purchased Elexomas is an example how we do just that.  After all, if you're in the business of making people happy, there's no sense in having an unhappy customer now, is there?  This page is devoted to those who wish to return their Elexoma.

Firstly, if you want to return your Elexoma to us, please download the Return Form here (click here for PDF, 73kB or click here for .doc, 260kB), complete it and fax or email it back to us.  That initiates the return process.  It takes about a week for us to process a return, so please don't expect to have your money back the very next day after you have returned your device.

You may wonder what our return statistics are like.  Wait no more - we don't mind telling you.  Here are the results to date:

2009:  9% of all devices sold / leased

2010: 11% of all devices sold / leased

2011: 15% of all devices sold / leased

2012: 15% of all devices sold / leased

The overall return rate over four years was only 15%!

That means the other 85% are either very happy or very stupid (since they could have gotten their money back). Listed below are some of the reasons given for returning the Elexoma.  We gladly refund a purchase EVEN if the buyer supplies no reason, but it helps us to improve our product and service if we know why people are returning their Elexomas.  And these reports can help you, too, when making the decision whether to buy the Elexoma or not.


Not sure that it does anything for me, although I did not use it often.  Just did not fit in with [my] life style.  Not sure why I did not use it - probably just lazy.
- RS
I am healed.  When I leased the machine, I was in pain and insominiac. I now sleep like a baby and the pain is completely gone.
- DK
I did not like the sensations.
- RM
My vrou vir wie die masjien aangekoop is, is gediagnoseer met bipolêre depressie en haar psigiater het haar afgeraai om die masjien te gebruik.
- TU
Not noticing a change.
- JO

It did not help for my insomnia.
- SP
- MV
Not in use.
- GN
Symptoms of fibromyalgia worsened since using the device.
- SR
I have not noticed any changes and have not been using the Elexoma Medic regularly for a while now.
- KvdH
Not required.
- SS

Unfortunately, it did not improve his depression.  I think the depression must be too severe.  Your service and guarantee were excellent! Thanx.
- AF
No problem with service at all!!!  Unfortunately device had no effect on my general demeanor.
- JC
The payment refund was done within a few days of me returning the Elexoma.
Thank you very much.
- JC
Bought the system for fibromyalgia, but do not feel a difference. Your service and guarantee was very good thank you.
- TdP
Jammer dit het nie gewerk nie, maar dankie vir jul puik diens. Wens jul net die beste toe.
- FCvE
Thank you for your advice that the processing of our returned Elexoma Medic has been completed and the efficient handling of this case,we still feel sorry that it did not serve our purpose and appriciate your exellent service.
- CvS
I was just lazy using it.
- Dr AA
I would like to congratulate you on the way you do business and that you are a man of your word. My refund is in the bank and I really appreciate your atitude and your honesty.
- JD, Cape Town
I would like to thank you for the extremely professional way in which you have conducted the purchasing and returning of the Elexoma.  I was reluctant to return the Elexoma, based on the personal and efficient service I had received from you and your company.  Such honesty and integrity is a rarity! I wanted to convey my appreciation and gratitude and look forward to receiving you newsletters.
Warmest regards
- TK, Cape Town


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